Our experienced professionals can deliver complete RPA solution start from conceptualization & design to deployment and user trainings! Accelerate your RPA benefits with our UiPath certified professionals! Innovya Technologies UiPath experts can help identify the quick wins, operationalize RPA infrastructure, and deploy the bots rapidly. We assess, plan, design, document, test, implement, and support your complete UiPath RPA journey. We enable people and robots working together to drive efficiency, productivity, speed, creativity, and most importantly, faster innovation cycles.

Sample business processes that we have automated

Insurance loss notice document processing.

Media viewership analytics.

Healthcare invoice image data extraction and classification.

Chat Bot based CRM customer address update, ticket monitoring and workflow execution.

SAP data validation, record updates and failure notifications via email..

LinkedIn data harvesting and connection request.

Generating and distributing monthly account accrual reports by collecting bill amounts from various sources.

Customer signature validation.

Daily sales reconciliation.

Invoice processing and distribution

Technical implementations

Document extraction from multiple sources including email rules, web submissions etc.

 Data extractions and automated updates in CRM tools, ERP modules and DBs.

Bot based fax image invoice reads and account updates.

Operating power BI based dashboards using UiPath Bots.

End to End implementation of Bots to automate Web & Desktop Applications such as websites, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Salesforce, Excel etc.

 Feed data to UiPath Orchestrator and distribute the workload to UiPath robot queue for processing.


Process mining and optimization

People and software robots interact with business IT systems, and those systems record their activity. Process mining converts this information into an event log, which is subsequently used to build visualizations of the entire process as well as informative insights. So, you’ll have the information you need to comprehend, improve, and monitor how things are done wherever they are done.

Task mining

Task Mining finds and combines staff workflows automatically, then uses artificial intelligence to identify repeated jobs to add to your automation pipeline. You’ll know how work is done and what to automate—and you’ll be able to design bots faster as a result.