The term “mixed reality” refers to a combination of the physical and digital worlds. Digital information is represented in mixed reality using holograms, which are light and sound-based objects that appear in the environment around you. These holograms respond to commands and interact with real-world surfaces in real time thanks to artificial intelligence, providing a more natural and intuitive experience. In a nutshell, mixed reality enables you to bring your work and data to life whenever and wherever you need them. With intelligent services, best-in-class hardware, and cross-platform tools, you can start designing safe, collaborative mixed reality solutions right now.

Using intelligent services, create more useful, relevant and immersive experiences.

Intelligent services

Make the entire world into your app's canvas. Create spatially aware apps to provide 3D training, predictive equipment maintenance, design review, and other tasks in the context of your users' surroundings.

Best-in-class hardware

Our greatest depth sensors and computer vision are at your fingertips with Innovya Technologies, so you can design for your most important situations while focusing on what matters: code.

Cross-platform support

Larger audiences may be reached by providing documentation and support for mobile and HoloLens devices. You have the ability to construct your way using development tools for a wide range of platforms.

Trusted cloud security

With enterprise-grade privacy and compliance at your back, you can confidently explore mixed reality. With built-in security tools and intelligence, you can quickly identify and close risks or weaknesses.